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Senior Governance Advisor, Aceh

Job Description

position is recruited by International Relief and Development (IRD)
through the USAID-funded SERASI project, which supports peacebuilding
and conflict mitigation initiatives in selected regions of Indonesia.
The incumbent will serve in an advisory capacity for the Governor of
Aceh province in Indonesia. S/he will also collaborate with the SERASI
project, particularly for program activities in Aceh, seeking synergies
between the project and the governor¡¦s office to effect advancement in
peace building and good governance initiatives in the province. For
USAID required deliverables or IRD-related administrative functions,
this position reports to the SERASI program manager for Aceh and the
Chief of Party based in Jakarta. The Aceh senior governance advisor
will provide advice to the Governor and senior provincial and
local-level government officials on strengthening governance capacity
leading to improved performance, responsible financial / fiscal
management and enhanced public services delivery. This is critical
given the level of development assistance flowing into the province for
both the reconstruction and reintegration processes in addition to the
normal national and regional budgets.
Specifically, the Aceh senior governance advisor will work with the
Aceh Governor and Vice Governor on identifying relevant strategies,
policies and frameworks for improved governance and strengthened
institutional capacity, the Aceh peace process, good governance in
Aceh, as well as other issues deemed important by the governor.
Highlights include:
„X Advise the governor on issues relating to good governance and best
practices; „X Serve as a liaison between the provincial government and
the international community (donors; NGOs) in Aceh and assist them in
coordinating with the governor¡¦s office on issues relating to
governance capacity-building programs in Aceh; advise the governor in
leveraging donor, NGO and GOI funds, technical assistance and capacity
building resources to meet local reconstruction and development needs;
„X Provide advice to the office of the governor on strengthening and
clarifying roles and responsibilities of provincial, municipal, and
kabupaten administrations; building capacity at various levels to
implement roles and responsibilities in full; and analysis and
recommendations in regard to intra-provincial finance;
„X Advise the governor¡¦s office in its efforts to develop and
implement a strategy to significantly improve inter-governmental
coordination throughout the province that increases coordination and
capacity to deliver effective and accessible services; creates and
disseminates reconstruction guidelines; and enables greater
province-wide social and economic impact of reconstruction and routine
infrastructure and service development programs;
„X Work with the governor¡¦s office to develop a deeper understanding
of the issues relating to economic development in Aceh including a
better understanding of the current business environment in the
province and how it affects economic development for Aceh;
„X The senior governance advisor with work with the Governor and Vice
Governor on other issues deemed important by the new administration,
including assisting during the transition process.

Required Skills

The preferred candidate for this position will have at least a
master¡¦s degree in governance, peace-building, economic development,
or a related field. • Fluency in written and spoken English, and
preferably also strong Indonesian or Acehnese languages skills. • This
position requires maturity, strong interpersonal skills, excellent
communication and inter-cultural skills, and ability to broker
relationships, identifying and effecting synergies among diverse actors
towards common goals.

Required Experience

10-15 years of program experience in all relevant. • Experience living
and working in Indonesia, and familiarity with the political structures
and processes of the country, particularly in the context of the
nation¡¦s decentralization efforts and the special autonomy
considerations provided to Aceh.

Job Location

Position Type
Apply online at: http://hostedjobs.openhire.com/epostings/jobs/submit.cfm?fuseaction=dspjob&jobid=183521&company_id=15852&jobboardid=479%22target=%22blank%22%3Ehttp://hostedjobs.openhire.com/epostings/jobs/submit.cfm?fuseaction=dspjob&jobid=183521&company_id=15852&jobboardid=479

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