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Transition Assistants - for Finance, Legal, documentation and Archiving, Asset Management (up to 8 positions), Banda Aceh, Indonesia
Closing Date: Thursday, 18 September 2008

Tags: Asset Management; Bahasa Indonesia; Content Management; ERP; English Language; Finance Assistant; Gender Equality; Labour Law; Laws and Regulations; Local Government; Private Sector; Pro-Poor; Procurement; Public Finance; Reconstruction; Social Development; Technical Support; Tsunami
Location : BRR Head Office, Banda Aceh, INDONESIA
Application Deadline : 18-Sep-08
Type of Contract : SSA
Post Level : SSA
Languages Required :
Starting Date :
(date when the selected canditate is expected to start) 25-Sep-2008
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UNDP Indonesia's mission is to be an agent for change in the human and social development of Indonesia. We aim to be a bridge between Indonesia and all donors as well as a trusted partner to all stakeholders. We work in four key areas of development: Governance Reforms, Pro-Poor Policy Reforms, Conflict Prevention and Recovery, and Environment Management, with the overarching aim of reducing poverty in Indonesia. Besides the four priority areas, UNDP Indonesia is also engaged in a variety of crosscutting initiatives focused on HIV/AIDS, gender equality, and information and technology for development.

As BRR enters the final year of its four-year mandate, the organization faces a new set of challenges. BRR intends to complete all physical construction projects by the end of 2008. During that year it will oversee the implementation of more than 3,000 parcels of work to the approximate value of US$700 million.

BRR?s capacity to complete its mandate and oversee the transition is complicated by three critical factors. First, during 2008 a number of key staff can be expected to take up post-BRR employment. Second, labour laws restrict BRR?s direct recruitment of international and short-term specialists. Third, BRR lacks the specialist skills needed to oversee transitional arrangements. Capacity limitations threaten the important recovery work that remains to be done and the legacy of the entire post-tsunami recovery programme.

Phase II of the Technical Assistance Support To BRR Project will supplement BRR capacity in the critical areas mentioned above, harnessing the expertise and resources needed for BRR to complete outstanding projects, transfer assets and documentation, and develop capacities at the local level. More specifically, Phase II will:

* mobilise flexible, short-term technical advisers and services to support BRR in completing its mandated activities before exiting in April 2009.
* provide technical assistance to BRR to support asset, project and knowledge transfer to local government, and the exercise of due diligence during the transition/handover period.
* assist BRR to implement the final stage of its ?regionalisation strategy?, which involves the relocation of resources to regional and district offices, and assisting local government agencies on the critical receiving end of the transition.

The importance of providing technical assistance to support these three broad objectives was acknowledged at the MDF Policy Dialogue on November 8, 2007. Timely assistance will be essential to preserve the legacy of recovery work and the establishment of a firm foundation for ongoing resource and asset management by local government.

In collaboration with the Aceh Government Transformation Programme (AGTP) - another UNDP-supported initiative, Phase II of the Technical Assistance Support to BRR Project presents an important opportunity to better structure working relationships between BRR and the provincial and local governments, paving the way for a smoother transition when BRR?s mandate expires in 2009.

A high-level team is tasked with developing BRR?s policy/implementation strategy for the transfer of assets and APBN documentation on behalf of the CFO?s office. In cooperation and consultation with BRR and relevant local government entities, the team will address four key areas for the closure of operations:

* Asset Transfer
* Legal exit strategy that covers BRR?s responsibilities and liability management
* Financial exit strategy that ensures BRR is meeting public finance responsibilities
* Documentation, administration and reporting

This particular assignment deals with finance:

The Finance Assistant will be a member of the finance sub-team which will be coordinated by the Senior Advisor Finance. BRR is a government agency with ministerial-level status. This status has given BRR a separate/special budget for its operations. It also requires that BRR follow the same procedures and regulations that apply to other central Government agencies. Applicable laws and regulations include:

* State Budget Implementation (Law No: 13/2003)
* Audit on State Budget (Law No: 14/2004)
* Government?s Procurement System (Presidential Decree No: 80/2003)
* All related decree of related Ministry (especially the Ministry of Finance)

In adherence with the above regulations, and in preparing for its closure, BRR will need to have

* a special Presidential decree to legally cover its closure;
* a special Ministry of Finance decree for related financial issues;
* related legal arrangements for organizing the closure; etc.

Scope of work:

The assistant positions are part of the Strategic Policy Asset Group, respectively the Asset Transfer Implementation Group. These positions will be reporting to the respective Senior Advisers.

Main focus areas are:

* ­ Finance
* ­ Legal
* ­ Documentation and Archiving
* ­ Asset Management

Duties will include:

* ­ Assisting the Senior Advisers in the drafting of work plans, schedules and other documents as directed for completing asset transfer.
* ­ Assist in the drafting of standard operation procedures (SOP) and guidelines for asset transfer.
* ­ Translate documents from English into Bahasa Indonesia and from Bahasa Indonesia into English as directed.
­ Sourcing and collating policy, strategic and operating documents created by BRR relating to asset transfer.
* ­ Providing other assistance to the Senior Finance Adviser as directed from time to time.

Expected Results/Final Products/Deliverables:

Successful completion of all duties as outlined above documented through monthly reports.

Output/Reporting Requirements:

Monthly reports, for each month of service in a set format covering: (1) Significant Achievements; (2) Allocation of Consultant's Efforts; (3) Challenges and Recommendations; (4) Lessons Learnt; (5) BRR Supervisor's Comments; (6) Report Approval (by BRR supervisor); and (7) Attachments. The attachments include: a log frame of the Content Management Specialist's assigned tasks, activities and output; a time sheet and, if the Content Management Specialist travels outside the duty station, a Return to Station report including any travel claims. This monthly report and its attachments must be submitted by the 5th day of the following month.

A final report at the conclusion of the assignment.

* Ideally, the Assistants (Finance, Legal, Documentation and Archiving, Asset Management) should have good knowledge in all elements of the project cycle management from inception to handover conclusion.
* Ideally the successful candidate would have intimate knowledge of asset creation and financing, have a good grasp of the operations of central government and be familiar with terminology adopted in the framework of Aceh reconstruction and rehabilitation.
* Knowledge of Indonesia Government systems and standards would be a distinct advantage.
* The Assistants should be experienced in working within a dynamic and highly demanding environment. The assignment will be subject to continual time constraints and a sense of urgency, bearing in mind that BRR's mandate is nearing completion.
* S/he should have the capacity and initiative to perform all tasks associated with the required deliverables. The Asset Transfer team is non-structural and administrative or technical support is limited.
* Candidate has to show familiarity with the terminology adopted in the framework of Aceh reconstruction and rehabilitation, as well as the masterplan.

* Minimum Bachelors degree in a discipline relevant to the assignment.
* 4 years of work experience in finance, legal, documentation and archiving, or asset management preferred
* Experience in government, private sector or international agencies will be taken positively into account
* Some work experience in Aceh definite plus
* Good knowledge of asset creation and financing paramount
* Grasp of operations of Indonesian ministries and the central government definite plus
* Knowledge of government systems and standards
* Proficient in Bahasa Indonesia language, spoken and written
* Proficient in English language, spoken and written
* Ability to draft reports

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