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Program Director - Urban Program, Indonesia
Closing Date: Saturday, 08 November 2008

Tags: Development Strategies; Disaster Risk Reduction; ERP; East Asia; Economic Development; Informal Sector; Land Tenure; Living Conditions; Local Government; Mercy Corps; National Languages; Population Growth; Poverty Reduction; Private Sector; Project Implementation; Public Health; Quality of Life; Urban Areas; Urban Development; Urban Population
Mercy Corps
Location: Indonesia (Jakarta)
Closing date: 08 Nov 2008
Job Description

Program Director - Urban Program (190899-927)

Indonesia's urban growth rate is one of the fastest in the world. While the country-wide growth rate is 1.1% per year, the urban population growth rate is 3.3% per year (UN, 2005). Currently, no less than 114 million people live in urban areas of Indonesia. This is a full fifty-percent of the total population of the country. By 2020, Jakarta is set to become the most populous city in East Asia. This megalopolis faces massive poverty issues that are not being adequately addressed and the other Indonesian cities are facing the same difficulties. Mercy Corps Indonesia is committed to address the multiple dimensions of urban poverty through an integrated urban development program that seeks to improve quality of life in urban poor settlements by building just, productive, and secure urban communities.

To achieve this goal, Mercy Corps Indonesia Urban Program concentrates on the following two objectives:
1. Increase access to adequate and affordable urban services in urban poor settlements, including: land tenure and housing water supply, sanitation, and solid waste health care, nutrition, and education disaster risk reduction.
2. Increase economic opportunities within the formal and informal sectors, including: access to fair credit, support for informal economic sector, vocational and skills training, small business development support.

Guided by these two objectives, Mercy Corps Indonesia manages a diverse urban development portfolio in Jakarta, combining programmatic and action-research activities around urban governance, urban services, public health, environment, economic development, and community empowerment. Mercy Corps Indonesia's Urban Program is working in close partnership with - and leveraging the resources of -local government, local NGOs, communities, and private sector partners. The Urban Program is seeking to develop innovative models for urban development and poverty reduction that can be replicated on a large scale to be able to impact the wide-ranging poverty issues faced by millions of very poor and disenfranchised urban residents in Indonesia.

GENERAL POSITION SUMMARY: The Urban Program Director (UPD) is responsible for all aspects of project implementation and programming quality for Mercy Corps Indonesia's Urban Program. The UPD coordinates closely with the Urban Development Advisor and the leadership of all other Mercy Corps Indonesia Programs to ensure inter-program learning and overall Country Program quality. The UPD works in partnership with the Urban Development Advisor to coordinate all urban program development, fund raising and external representation efforts for Mercy Corps Urban Program. S/he provides leadership and mentorship to the Urban Program team and is responsible for staff development.


Program Management

* Provide overall supervision for the implementation and integration of all program activities and provides overall direction to daily implementation plans to ensure that all projects are coordinating.
* Create opportunities for strategic discussion from the field teams to management and vice versa on implementation issues.
* Monitor and promotes all aspects of integrated programming in a way that increases overall impact and quality of the Urban Program at the community, district, and national level.
* Directly supervise all national and international program staff and ensure management structure is optimized for efficient and high quality program implementation, particularly where multiple sectoral/donor projects are being implemented in the same geographic area.

Vision, Strategy and Innovation and Fundraising:

* In partnership with the Urban Development Advisor, Director of Programs, and the Country Director, lead the Urban Program team in the development of a vision for the Urban Program and a strategy to achieve this vision.

Oversee Design, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting:

* Ensure that the M&E systems of individual projects are of high quality, providing regular impact and process data and that all programs have baselines and evaluations.
* Monitor and evaluate data from the multiple Urban Program projects must all be able to inter-relate and influence each other.
* Share results, findings, lessons learned between different program elements will be central to success of an integrated strategy.

Commitment to Staff Development:

* Recruit, manage and motivate a dynamic, informed, skilled and efficient national and expatriate team.
* Ensure all program staff has Individual Operating Plans (IOPs) and are reviewed and provided with feedback on a formal basis annually and informally at least every 3 months.
* Incorporate staff development strategies and performance management systems into the team building process.
* Mentor and contribute to an atmosphere conducive to professional growth and development for Urban Program staff in accordance with Mercy Corps' commitment to excellence and achievement; encourage a team culture of learning, creativity and innovation.
* Ensure that all program staff fulfills this requirement and brings the learning back into the program in a constructive manner.

Representation and Diplomacy:

* With the guidance of the Urban Development Advisor, Program Director, and the Country Director, build, develop and maintain excellent relationships, both internally and externally to ensure optimum program success. Vital relationships will include Mercy Corps headquarters and regional offices and teams, international and local NGOs, government officials, donor community officials, diplomatic corps and embassies, private sector partners, vendors, media and the general public.


Oversees Managers of all Urban Program projects, including those of HP3, Flood Risk Reduction, Banyu Biru, and Healthy Start.


REPORTS DIRECTLY TO: Director of Programs
WORKS DIRECTLY WITH: Urban Development Advisor, all other Program Managers, Finance and Compliance Manager, Operations Manager.


* MA/S or equivalent in management, international development or other relevant field.
* Experience with urban development/regeneration in developed country setting essential.
* Expertise in urban governance and land management.
* 7 years' experience administering large scale multidisciplinary urban programs.
* 7 years' demonstrated ability to build staff capacity in cross-cultural setting as well as excellent team-building and interpersonal skills.
* Experience with wide range of donor reporting and compliance requirements.
* History of working effectively and respectfully with host country government, INGO and NGO partners.
* Previous experience working in other countries in the Global South is preferred.
* Networking experience will be a plus.
* Fluency in spoken and written English is mandatory; Knowledge of other international languages is an asset.


The successful UPD will apply a strong combination of team leadership, program development and relationship building abilities along with a sense of curiosity, urgency, and joy for the work. As this position requires ongoing new project development to complement existing projects, the successful UPD will have an outstanding ability to develop, implement and manage innovative programs within the current and future structure and strategy of Mercy Corps Indonesia operations. Excellent negotiation and communications will provide for continued development of donor and partner relationships. The successful UPD will have a strong commitment to teamwork and accountability, and the principles of participatory community-oriented development. The successful UPD will enjoy regular field travel, spending time with program participants and developing a first hand understanding of the critical issues faced by the communities with whom we work. The most successful Mercy Corps staff members make effective communication a priority in all situations and maintain a sense of humor.

LIVING CONDITIONS/ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Jakarta provides a secure living environment that is suitable for families.
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